I believe in universal, unconditional, love for others and for ourselves.
I believe in empathetic joy: happiness in others' happiness.
I believe there is a benevolent, life-giving, force, which is all around us but which we do not have a scientific understanding of.
I believe the natural sciences and our spiritual experiences may be the best tools we have for understanding these phenomena.
I believe that as accounting is the “language” of business, nature speaks in geometric patterns and fractals.
I believe we go someplace when we die.
I believe that I remember being there, and that deep down somewhere inside, so do you.
I believe our attitudes and actions shape not only us, but also the culture we live in.
I believe our actions create a ripple effect, for better or for worse, that continues long after we die.
I believe that if we do good things and have love in our hearts, and if all goes as it should, we will live on through our positive impact on those we touched in our lives on this earth (and those who were touched by them, and so on).
I believe our greatest happiness comes by virtue of knowing we are good to a large circle of beings, seen and unseen.
I believe that this goodness, caring for the well-being of many others near and far, is often at odds with a more commonly traveled but less successful path to happiness: consumption.
I believe that taking care of our environment is good, and we do it for all of us who depend on this host planet for life (food, water, air, shelter, etc.)
I believe that believing in something but not living it isn't enough.
I believe we are all connected to each other and to something greater than ourselves.
I believe it's tempting to focus on the negative, because we think it's necessary in order to address those issues, but what we focus on is what grows, so we're better off tackling problems by directing our attention more toward the positive.
I believe that after I die, my body will spawn new life, and energy cannot be created or destroyed.
I believe I will continue to exist after death, perhaps becoming part of a tree whose leaves glow in the sunlight on beautiful Summer days.
I believe our atoms' ultimate fate is to be swallowed up by our sun, the source of all the energy on earth, when the star expands before it again recedes and becomes a luminous white orb, filled with the carbon our bodies are made of.
I believe that that carbon, under compression, just might become an unfathomably huge diamond...made of all of us, together, forever.
I believe that, in the end, kindness is all that matters.